Monday, October 06, 2008

Stone Age

Well last week we decided to play a board game instead of playing Cthulhu. We gave one of my board games 'Stone Age' by Rio Grande games a go. It is for 2-4 players and should last around 90 minutes.

We gave it a go and we all liked it. there is nothing better than a game that has meeples to play with. The first turn took us nearly an hour to play through but after that we rattled through them. One of the actions in the game is to 'breed' your meeples by pacing two of them at the 'breeding hut'. Only one person per turn can do this. As you can gather this aspect of the game allowed us many a chance for adolescent humour. Nige visited the hut the most to various comments such as 'What thrice in one night?' and 'You're having an orgy'. Any game which allows us to make such comments is always a good game as far as we are concerned.

Hilarity aside, the game was very fun to play and even John, who originally was not enamoured by the games description really enjoyed it after playing it. I like it as much as I like 'Puerto Rico' although I am not sure yet which one I prefer most - we'll have to play more 'Stone Age' before I can make that decision.

I managed to eventually get Memoir '44 last week - every game shop I visited seemed to be out of stock. It look really good - I love the tanks, and any game with Shermans and Tigers in it must be good as far as I am concerned. I just have to persuade my wife Caroline to give it a go one evening. My son Connor would like to play but I think it is a bit too much for him - he's only 6 - but we will have to wait and see as he gives me a run for my money when we play Carcassonne.

You can see my baordgame collection at

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Board Games

We have taken to playing board games recently. Neill has been collecting them for quite a few years but we have only played board games sporadically. John and I have both recently been hooked and are going through a phase of buying numerous games, although I have taken to predominately choosing games which have a good 2 player possibility so that my wife and I can play them.

I first played Puerto Rico about six weeks ago and was hooked. It's a fantastic game. It's simple to learn, but challenging to play. I can see why it spent so long on the number one spot of Board Game Geek.

We have also played Metropolys, Ticket to Ride Europe, and Marvel Heroes. Metropolys and Ticket to Ride are both excellent games. Again both these games are quick to learn but provide numerous challenges. Marvel Heroes was fun but not a patch on the others. I have just bought Ticket to Ride and Ticket to Ride Switzerland.

I love Carcassonne, and my 6 year old son Connor and I play it fairly regularly. He is very good at the game and we are about even when it comes to wins. My wife is also a big fan. It is a game we all first got interested in via xbox Live. I am really interested in the 'New World' version and plan to purchase that soon.

Just in case anyone is interested in finding out more about board games then the following sites are of great use:
We plan on playing at least one board game between each different GMs game, and based on the list of games we have between us then we have a lot to choose from. John has just got Agricola and I know I am looking forward to trying that out.

On a roleplaying note I have managed to convince Nige to run Shadowrun so I can't wait.

Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Review

Well, this year has been a good year for gaming. Neill ran a game for the first time. I eventually managed to settle on a game that I am going to run. Nige, Willie, and John have all continued with their campaigns.

Neill ran Delta Green - the modern supplement for Call of Cthulhu. We all really enjoyed that game although I still to this day do not know exactly what we were facing. There were a lot of dead bodies though.

Willie continued running his DnD game which borrows heavily from the world of Kelewan for the setting. Metal is scarce, weapons and armour are made of a very hard and resiliant wood. Magic Users are all tightly controlled and members of a guild. I didn't know what I was going to play in this game. I usually play a thief/rogue type character. This time I decided to try something new and I tried a barabarian. I din't know how I was going to play the character but it sort of decided itself during the first couple of sessions. He quickly evolved into a 'Thrudd' type character who hacks first and asks questions later. The major driving forces in his life are fighting, beer, more fighting, more beer, and women in that order. He has a greatsword and he charges blingly into every combat hacking away making the best use of his rageing and cleaving abilities. At the moment his mimimum damage from his greatsword is somewhere in the region of 30 points per hit for the first strike and he then has another two with progressively lower mimimums per hit each turn.

Nige continued his Rolemaster campaign in which I am Nightblade. For anyone unfamiliar with Rolemaster this is a magically enhanced assassin. Unfortunately due to our parties composition he has ended up being the tank in the group which is not what he wants to be. The most memorable moment in the game this year is when we where guarding 3 artifacts on a cart in a procession through the city. We where attacked by magically aided thieves and the artifacts were taken. We chased them but couldn't find the artifacts when we caught them. It eventually turned out that the attack was to destract us while the driver ofthe cart and some of his other cooconspirators hid the artifacts inside the cabbages that were also on the cart - it was a harvest festival type procession with the cart full of produce with the artifacts in the center of the cart.

In Johns game we managed to defeat an evil villains plans and make our escape to South America. On the way we opened the book that we had taken and we now all change into big fluffy cats! This is important to the plot of the next aadventure that we are just starting, honest. The most important thing to happen though was that my Priest has had a crisis of faith and realsied that all he believes in is false - how can there be a god after all he has seen? He went on a bender of wine and women for about a week and he has now pulled himself back together. He has lost his faith, but he isn't telling mother church that as she has a lot of resources to call upon should we need them.

I never ran anything this year, but I have decided to run WFRP 2nd Edition in the new year. Let the battle against Chaos commence!